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The upcoming session should be unforgettable. Here are some tips to make the day run smoothly. On this page you will find a checklist of everything you should bring or do in advance to ensure a smooth photo session. Please read this checklist carefully so that we can have a perfect session together.
Best regards Sahar

Please arrive on time for the session. Leave early enough and plan a sufficient time buffer, as the time planned for the session is for arriving. If you arrive too late, we could miss these precious moments. I understand that some of you may have a longer journey. Please note, however, that an extension of the booked time is not possible due to subsequent dates. It is important that you arrive on time for the session so that you can use the time efficiently. Please understand that delays do not affect the booked price, which remains unchanged.

You are welcome to bring your own outfits to the SESSION. However, if you decide to bring my outfits, I ask you to think in advance about what kind of outfits you would like to wear or what style you would like to see yourself in. My collection includes over 200 dresses, more than 20 bodysuits, a variety of fabrics and numerous beautiful accessories such as angel wings and much more. A tip: some outfits reveal their full splendor when staged alone, including voluminous tulle dresses, angel wings and floating fabrics. These are therefore not suitable for partner photos.


  1. Please bring a skin-colored, strapless bra, similar to this one.
  2. Also bring a skin-colored (nude) thong, like this one.
  3. If you want to wear one of the see-through black dresses or bodysuits, you will also need matching black underwear.
  4. If you would like to wear the angel wings without a dress, but with beautiful underwear, please bring this with you too.
  5. You are welcome to bring your own outfits

For the family photos, please bring
color-coordinated clothing for your husband and child. Make sure that the clothing does not have any large prints or patterns. Further information can be found in the sections “PREPARING SESSION WITH A PARTNER” and “PREPARING SESSION WITH A CHILD”.

Shoes are not necessary, depending on the outfit. Depending on the outfit, the session takes place completely barefoot.

The right styling is essential for a successful photo session. Please arrive already made up and styled so that we can start without delay.

You are welcome to use the gold leaf outfit with an additional payment of 100AED.


  • Avoid using self-tanning products that leave an unnatural, orange tint
  • Make sure that your eyelashes are correctly attached.
  • All clothing for the session should be ironed and wrinkle-free.
  • Carry out a manicure and pedicure beforehand.
  • Make sure your bra fits properly to ensure comfort and a flattering fit.

Please note: Mistakes such as incorrectly applied eyelashes, unironed shirts or pants, and bras that don’t fit, which could have been prevented in advance, will not be corrected afterwards.

I’m really looking forward to capturing these special moments with you! 😊

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