Do you have any further questions or would you like to make an appointment? I look forward to your call.


Do you have any further questions or would you like to make an appointment? I look forward to your WhatsApp.


  1. APPLICABILITY OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to all orders placed with Sahar Ranjbar Photography. By placing an order, the client fully accepts these conditions. Client conditions that deviate from these are only recognized if they are confirmed in writing by us. All side agreements also require written confirmation.

  2. USE OF PHOTOS IN SOCIAL NETWORKS (FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TIKTOK, ETC.)  Clients must clearly mark the name of the photographer when using photos from Sahar Ranjbar Photography in social networks and mention it appropriately in the image caption. Copyright compliance must be ensured.The photographer must always be named as the author, and violations can lead to claims for damages.

  3. COPYRIGHT / USAGE RIGHTS All photos and videos remain the intellectual property of Sahar Ranjbar Photography. The client receives a non-transferable right of use for private purposes. Any commercial use or alteration of the photos by filters or applications such as FaceApp requires prior written permission.

  4. PROVISION OF DIGITAL IMAGE MATERIAL Clients will only receive processed image material in high resolution in JPG format. The release of unprocessed raw data (RAW) is not possible. Responsibility for the storage of digital data lies with the client. After a period of six weeks, Sahar Ranjbar Photography deletes all data, therefore secure storage by the client is essential.

  5. APPOINTMENT BOOKING The booking of an appointment becomes binding as soon as a booking confirmation is made. Appointments not kept after a phone call are not reserved. Personal data must be provided in the booking form, and by submitting, the client accepts the GTCs of Sahar Ranjbar Photography.

  6. COMPENSATION, RETENTION OF TITLE The costs for our photo session consist of an hourly rate, daily rate, or an agreed flat rate, plus sales tax. This price includes consultation, room rental, and the use of clothing and accessories of the booked package as well as the digitally processed images. Additional costs such as travel, expenses, lab, and service provider fees are borne by the client. Invoices are due immediately and payable without deductions. Ownership of the photos remains with Sahar Ranjbar Photography until full payment is made. The client acknowledges the artistic freedom of the photographer with the placement of the order. Changes after the start of the order are subject to charges.

  7. ADVANCE PAYMENT FOR SERVICES For the Maternity, Beauty, Business, Mommy Moments, Nebewborn, or Cakesmash session, an advance payment fee of 650AED is charged. This fee is credited against the package price on the day of the session. In the event of cancellation of the session for any reason – whether due to illness, force majeure, or others – the fee is not refunded. Depending on the time of cancellation, the full session fee may still be payable. The exact conditions can be found under the item “Performance disruption, cancellation fee”.

  8. PERFORMANCE DISRUPTION, CANCELLATION FEE In case of cancellation by the client
    1. Rescheduling can be requested up to six weeks before the originally agreed date.
    2. Late arrival at the session reduces the available time.
    3. A delay of more than 30 minutes without notification incurs a cancellation fee of 100% of the booked package price.
    4. up to 6 weeks before the date: the 650 AED will be refunded.
    5. Less than 6 weeks the deposit will not be refunded or credited, regardless of the reason.The customer has the right to demonstrate that no damage occurred or that the damage was less than claimed

  9. LIABILITY The photographer’s liability is limited to intent and gross negligence. Data is carefully stored and destroyed after 6 months.

  10. FINAL PROVISION The place of jurisdiction is the business location of the seller. By booking, these GTC are accepted.By submitting the booking form, each client agrees to the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) and confirms at the same time that they have read and understood them. All prices include VAT.
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